P.S. to September 8 Post

My September 8 post included a link to a story about Michael Jordan having David Thompson present him to the basketball hall of fame.  The Denver Post ran a nice story on the topic on September 14.  If you never had a chance to watch this great player, you missed out.  Get a glimpse with with a clip of 10 top plays from his career.  Well, at least this is one person’s selection of the Top 10, it is certainly not the definitive Top 10, it lacks things I would have put on a top ten list.

For example, I was at a game at McNichol’s Arena in Denver between the Nuggets and the Houston Rockets, Thompson got the ball on a fast break, the great center Moses Malone, who later helped lead the 76ers and Dr. J to an NBA championship, was back on defense.  Thompson went straight at Malone and dunked over the top of him.

Dr. J won the 1976 ABA slam dunk competition with a dunk in which he jumped from the free throw line, a dunk later emulated by Michael Jordan.  That event, also held at McNichols, also featured Thompson.  The athleticism of the competitors does not compare to that of today’s NBA slam dunk contests, but these guys were pioneers.  Thompson participated in this event as well, which he may have won had he not missed one dunk attempt.

In another clip in which Michael Jordan tells how David Thompson was responsible for “vertical leap” becoming somewhat of a focal point in basketball.

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