The Best Story from Sunday (8-23-09)

Today I attended one of the dedicatory sessions for the Quirrh Mountain Temple of the LDS Church.  The LDS Church now has a temple in Denver, but when I was growing up we would have to travel to Manti, Utah to go to the temple.  When I served as a missionary in Argentina, the LDS people in Argentina had to travel to Sao Paolo Brazil to go to the nearest temple.  Here is an article by Elder M. Russell Ballard about efforts a group from Ecaudor made to attend a temple:

In 1987, the presidency of the Lima temple received notice that a large group of members were coming by bus from Guayaquil, Ecuador. They had made great sacrifices in order to come, many having sold their belongings.

Warm-hearted members of the Lima stakes prepared to receive the Ecuadoreans in their homes. The visitors were planning to stay three days to receive their endowment, be sealed as families, and do temple work for their deceased ancestors. They were to arrive Tuesday and return home Friday.

But Tuesday night, word came that the group had been stopped at the Peruvian border because their bus did not have the correct papers to enter Peru. They were doing everything possible to be able to continue on to Lima.

They did not arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. And there was no further word from them. The workers at the Lima temple assumed that the group had been obligated to turn back and return home.

On Friday at 2:00 a.m., the security guard at the temple received word that the bus from Ecuador had arrived in Lima and that they needed someone to guide them to the temple. The guard called the temple president, Glen V. Holley, who dressed quickly and hurried to the temple. He sent someone to guide the visitors to the temple, and had the outdoor temple lights turned on. When the bus from Ecuador drove into the temple parking area, the temple—with its beautiful white marble and its statue of the Angel Moroni—was all aglow.

President Holley entered the bus and saw that “adults and children alike were crying. One brother sobbed, ‘We’ve arrived! We’ve arrived!’

“Tears were running down my cheeks, too,” said President Holley. “I stammered a welcome and invited them to the auxiliary building to clean up and shower, since they had been on the bus five days. I sent for ordinance workers to come to the temple immediately. By 5:00 a.m., unscheduled temple sessions were in progress. Everyone was happy. Before the end of the day, everyone was endowed, sealed, and had done some work for their ancestors.”

That evening, they departed—tired, but happy. They still had a two-and-a-half day return trip.

(M. Russell Ballard, “The Power of Commitment,” Tambuli, Oct 1992, 20)

NOTE:  If this entry has concepts or terminology you do not understand, you may find explanations at [intended primarily for those who are learning basic principles about the LDS Church], at [the official website of the LDS Church that includes basic information as well as more advanced materials for members of the LDS Church], or from me directly by posting a comment.

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