Chinese Football: Fate of the Founder

Tonight I fulfilled my Scoutmaster duties by participating in the meeting of Troop 797. For weeks the Scouts had been clamoring for a game of what they call “Blackout Football,” so tonight we relented. The Scouts divide into two teams, go to separate ends of the room, the lights are turned out, then an eraser is thrown into the middle of the room. The team that finds the eraser and uses it to touch the other team’s wall scores a touchdown – – no walking or running or standing is allowed, all must crawl. I played this same game as a Scout, but I believe we called it “Midnight Hockey” or something like that.

As I contemplated this form of football, I began to reflect on another great indoor sport – – Chinese Football. After a few searches on the Internet, I came upon the tragic story of the sport’s founder. This great man certainly made a difference in the lives of my classmates and me. His invention brightened those winter days when our school recesses were held indoors. Alas, he fell victim to risks inherent in the very game he invented, as explained at

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