Goodwill Gesture From Delta Airlines

Today I received this e-mail from Delta Airlines. A very nice response to my earlier e-mail, which I described in my entry of March 17.

Re: SkyMiles – Past – GM (KMM15797647I41L0KM)

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your e-mail to Delta Air Lines.

I am sorry to learn that we were unable to offer you an upgrade on your
recent flight between Boston and Salt Lake City. As a Gold Medallion
member, we realize that upgrades are a very important benefit of the
Medallion program. Our people know that upgrade processing is handled
according to specific guidelines to ensure a fair appropriation of these
valued seats.

A review of the first class passengers onboard Flight 1065 on March 8th
indicates that two ticketed first class passengers were protected at the
last minute on this flight because their non-stop flight to Los Angeles
was cancelled.

I apologize for the poor impression you received in this instance. As a
goodwill gesture, I have confirmed an upgrade in advance for your April
8th flight from Salt Lake City to Boston.

Mr. Jones, thank you again for giving us an opportunity to respond to
your concern. Please let us know if we may assist you further. We very
much appreciate your continued Medallion loyalty to Delta and look
forward to the privilege of serving you again soon.


Tricia Reid
Medallion Desk

Original Message Follows:

Name : Mr Gregory S Jones

Email Address :

SkyMiles Number: XXXXXXXXXX


Email about Past/Future travel: Past

Nature of Comment: Complaint Concern

Email Pertaining to: SkyMiles

Email about Other topic:


I arrived at Logan Airport the morning of March 10 for the 7 am flight
to Salt Lake City. I question whether I was inappropriately denied a
free upgrade. Here is what happened.

1. I observed the upgrade board, saw that the plane had 16 first-class
seats, 15 people had checked in to first-class, 1 first-class seat was
unassigned. There was one person on the upgrade standby list: me.

2. Moments later I checked the upgrade board, which now indicated 2
seats were unassigned, that upgrade seats were now available and could
be purchased for $150, and there was one passenger on the upgrade
standby list: not me, but another passenger’s name appeared.

3. I asked an attendant at the gate if I had been upgraded to first
class, drawing her attention the past and current status of the upgrade
board. She told me the information on the board was wrong, that the
flight was oversold, that two people had just checked in.

4. When I boarded by plane many moments later, the display on the
upgrade board had not changed.

There may be a good explanation for this, but it was very puzzling for
me, and the explanation I received was very dismissive – – I felt I
would have had to become confrontational to pursue the matter further.

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