I ate at Chuck-A-Rama today. I Googled to get some background information, and was surprised to find a wikipedia entry.

“Chuck-A-Rama is a chain of buffet restaurants based in Utah. In 2004 they gained national attention when, at their Taylorsville, Utah location, a couple following the Atkins diet were kicked out for trying to go back to the carved roast beef twelve times. The chain stated that, although they are a buffet, they are not an all-you-can-eat restaurant.”

“In Utah, the chain is sometimes the subject of jokes and referred to as `Up-Chuck-A-Rama’, since for many people it is known more for the quantity rather than the quality of food served.”

My first recollection of Chuck-A-Rama is a childhood visit there during a trip to Utah for LDS General Conference. I believe we went with my Mom’s brother, Uncle Zeno.

In about 1991 some Russian engineers had an extended stay in Utah while they worked on a project at Novell. I am told that these individuals were taken to various cultural and sporting events during their stay, and before they left someone asked them to tell about the favorite thing they had done in Utah. “Chuck-A-Rama” was the response.

A few years later one of our Japanese colleagues came for a conference in which we had many fine meals. From time to time I would jokingly apologize because we had not taken her to even one meal at “Chuck-A-Rama,” and I extolled the virtues of the restaurant. After she returned to Japan she sent an e-mail in which she expressed her desire to return to America and eat at “Chuck-A-Lama.”

(This entry relates to an experience of March 25, 2006 but was written on April 22)

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