Ice Cube

Sunday evening I picked up a leased car at Novell’s parking garage. It was a little past 12 am, the car was parked on the uncovered top floor of the parking garage, and earlier in the day the weather had quickly changed from 50 degrees F and rain to 10 degrees F. At first I could not open the doors because they were frozen shut, then I could not get the door to latch shut, and when I arrived at my hotel I could not get the door to open – – I exited through one of the back doors. The next morning I drove into a parking lot at a train station, stopped at the gate, and was unable to lower my window to take the parking ticket. It had been a while since I’d experienced such things . . .

As a law student in Provo, Utah, I drove a 1979 Toyota Corona LE liftback sedan. My apartments had no covered parking. An unfortunately typical scenario for a winter morning was: leave apartment at 6 am, find that my car’s front doors are frozen shut, enter the car through the rear liftback, take my position in the driver’s seat after climbing over the back seats and the front seats, arrive at law school, front doors are still frozen shut, climb into the back seat, exit the car through a back door.

In high school, some of my LDS neighbors and I would car pool to 6 am seminary. When it was their turn, they would drive their family’s third car, an older 2-door that was parked outside at night. On winter mornings they would not get up early enough to warm up the car and clear the ice off the windshield, so we learned to avoid the back seat behing the driver, because the driver would roll down his window so he could stick his head outside and navigate, it being impossible to see anything through the ice-encrusted windshield.

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